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Mural Painters needed

Calling out to all artists and muralists who dream of working with one of the largest and most talented artist communities. US Murals is hiring several muralists across the country to be a part of its team and execute artworks inside and outside homes, restaurants, shops and offices. Muralists will be responsible for conceptualizing and executing murals while working closely with clients to understand their requirements. They are expected to not just be good at their craft but also deliver customer service.

US Murals has been in the business of mural painting since 1994 and has served several US homes and businesses since. We have a proficient team of artists and are looking to add more such muralists for mural painting jobs in USA. We offer acrylic paintings, sketches and logos on wood, cement, brick etc.

Contact us to be a part of the wonderful community of artists and help boost your mural painting career with US Murals.

US Murals is the best destination for skilled muralists in USA. Get in touch to work with us and join a team of the most talented muralists.

Mural Painters needed
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